Shadow Boxes

|| Subject: Science, Literature, STEM

|| Description: Students create an environment for an animal that they have been studying. The environment is accurate to their animal’s habitat. Students also build their animal out of sculpting clay. A paragraph may be pasted on the back of the box. This project encourages students to think critically about the habitat of their animal and the distinguishing features of the animal’s body. It makes a great assessment tool and strengthens students’ knowledge of the species.

|| Prerequisites: Students should have chosen and researched an animal.

|| Possible Variations:

  • Animals can be native to North America, New England, or New Hampshire.
  • Animals can be of one family or class (canines, felines, or birds, reptiles, etc)
  • Favorite Places: Students choose a favorite place to illustrate in the shadow box, and make a small likeness of themselves to place inside.
  • Shadow boxes can also feature other subjects, such as characters from books. Mini shadow boxes can be a great art day project as well. Please browse the gallery below for more ideas.