Flag Books

|| Subject: Science

|| Core Standards: Grade 4:

Habitats in N.H. Ecosystems

  • Students will create examples of food chains and webs to demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence of plants and animals in a New Hampshire ecosystems i.e. Alpine and Sub-alpine, Spruce-Fir-Northern Hardwood, Transitional Forest, Central Hardwood Forest, Coastal Plain.
  • Students will relate different plants and animals to their habitats based on their physical characteristics
  • Students will observe how seasonal changes affect plants and animals and how they adapt to survive in New Hampshire

|| Description: Each student in the class makes a ‘flag’ card with a line drawing and a description of their animal. These are each then scanned, shrunk to size, and copied to make one of each drawing for each student. Every student then gets to color in their flags. Then, in one class, the students make a flag book with every flag. The result is shown below.