Peeps (Clothespin Puppets)

|| Subject: History and Humanities

|| Description: Students create clothespin dolls of historical figures, characters, or mystical beings.

Abenaki Peeps:

Colonial Peeps:

Fairy Peeps:

Elf Peeps (an excellent project near the holidays):

Self-Portrait Peeps (These were glued onto a Mandala – a great start-of-the-year classroom project!)


|| Prerequisites: Students should be studying the character(s) that they will be portraying.

|| Variations:

  • Clothespin dolls can represent any historical figure, character, or human-like creature. We will bring an assortment of appropriate clothing and decorations for the dolls. Past Peeps have included Abenaki people, Colonial people, and fairies.

Peeps in their natural habitat: