Animal Collages

|| Subject: Science

|| Core Standards: Grade 1:

Life Cycles of Insects

  • Students will draw and label, or build models and label the basic anatomy of an insect

|| Description: Animal collages can be related to any animal that your classroom is studying, including insects, spiders, owls, etc. Students assemble insects out of pre-cut body parts, choosing colors and patterns and arranging them appropriately. The result is similar to the works of Eric Carle. Body parts can be labelled if desired. Students have to remember all of the body parts and put them in the correct order – which makes this project a great assessment tool.

|| Prerequisites: Students must be studying the animal they assemble.

|| Variations:

  • Bug
  • Owl
  • Spider
  • Collages can be of any animal – simply email us to arrange to do an animal not featured here.