Event Maps

|| Subject: History and Humanities

|| Core Standards: 

  • SS:GE:2:1.1: Identify the characteristics and purposes of globes and maps. (Themes: C: People, Places and Environment, F: Global Transformation)
  • SS:GE:2:1.2: Introduce spatial information on maps and other geographic representations, e.g., map key, compass rose. (Themes: C: People, Places and Environment)

|| Description: Students create a map of their town, including important landmarks. This project is usually set up with several different stations in a large room (the library is perfect). Students move independently though the stations (in any order) to complete their map. Stations include materials to make a representation or symbol of something the students learned about on a historical walk of the town. This may be a tiny folded book to decorate and paste on (for the library), a building with red cellophane “flames” to cut out to show a historical fire, a picture of an old mill with a piece of cloth to show what they made, etc. It changes depending on the town!

|| Prerequisite: Students should participate in a historical walk of the town.

|| Variations:

Here are some stations we have used (the stations we use depend on the town and it’s history).

  • A small paper envelope on which students can melt a puddle of wax and make a seal (requires adult supervision).
  • A picture of an old fashioned school
  • A small paper ‘sign’ that students can decorate with a business name (for example, “Joey’s Hats”)
  • A small, folded piece of paper that can be decorated like a book, to represent the library.