MR. FAB Projects

|| Subject: Science

|| Core Standards: Grade 3:

Vertebrate Study

  • Students will explain the physical characteristics of vertebrates
  • Students will be able to list and give examples of five families of vertebrates(fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds)

|| Description: MR FAB stands for Mammal, Reptile, Fish, Amphibian, Bird. MR FAB is a unit of study, which can encompass many different types of projects to help kids learn the key differences between vertebrate animal classes. Below are some examples of MR FAB projects.

MR FAB projects:

MR FAB Books

MR FAB Books

Each page in a MR FAB book features a different animal class. The book also includes a table of contents and a cover page. This projects takes two or three classes to finish. In the first class time, students construct the book, which includes the pop up tabs on each page. In subsequent classes, students find suitable pictures in a magazine to use as a representations of each animal class. Once they have collected 5 pictures – one for each class – they draw an environment for each animal in their book. When the environment is finished, students paste in the animal and the accompanying words (the title of the class, i.e. mammal, fish, etc, and the description.)


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