Work Book Covers

|| Subject: All

|| Description: Students create an individualized folder that will serve as a work book or a binder for collecting their work and will stay in their classroom for the year.

|| Materials:

  • Collage pieces (paper & tracers, images from magazines, etc)
  • The title text on printed, cut up paper. (“Words”, “Math”, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glue surfaces
  • Journal or binder of some type (3 ring binder, composition book, etc.)
Tracers and Paper for making Cover Designs.

Tracers and Paper for making Cover Designs


|| Prerequisites: None

|| Possible Variations:

  • Covers can be decorated with colorful paper cut into shapes, collage materials (cut from magazines), or any variant.
  • Books can be for work in Vocabulary, mathematics, or any other subject.

|| Other Examples:

Benn_Cindy_4th 7

NH Collages