Fish Counting Book

|| Subject: Mathematics

|| Core Standards: Mathematics K-1

|| Description: This is a counting book that is an example of accordion bookmaking. For Kindergartners, we provide pages with fish on each page, 1 on the first page, 2 on the second page, etcetera up to 10. Each page’s fish are a different color. Students match up and paste the words on the correct page (words read “One Red Fish”, “Six Brown Fish”, etc.) They also get to decorate the cover of the book with their own fish and title.

|| Prerequisites: Students should already have a basic understanding of how to count to 10.

|| Variations: As an added challenge for 1st graders, we can provide pages with 10 blank fish on each page. Students then have to color equations that add up to 10 and write their equations below (ex. 2+8=10, so they might color 8 fish blue and 2 fish pink). Pictures in gallery above.

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