Metal Foil Embossing

|| Subject: Fine Art

|| Description: Foil Embossing is a great project for Art Day, and can be used in a variety of other projects, such as workbook decoration. Students receive a small wooden stylus, a 4×8″ foam mat (used under the metal for cushioning), and a small piece of foil to begin. They first practice embossing on the small piece of foil, so they can get used to the technique – how hard to press, how to make textures, etc. Then, students receive a larger piece of foil. Each student only gets one, so it is important that they practice on the small piece first and take their time on the large piece. After they are done embossing, they may have the option to color the picture with markers. See also: Evergreen Journals.

|| Prerequisites: Students should be able to focus and be responsible with materials.

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