Plant Life Cycle Books

|| Subject: Science

|| Core Standards: Grade 2:

  • Students will understand that plants have life cycles and plant growth is affected by many different variables.


  • Life Cycles of Plants
    • Students will collect, sort, and classify a variety of seeds and explore various seed dispersal adaptations
    • Students will identify and explain the major parts of plants and their functions
    • Students will identify and describe the basic requirements for sustaining plant life

|| Description: Students create a 4-panel book that illustrates the life cycle of a specific plant. Examples include sunflower, pumpkin, apple, oak tree, etc. A previous day can be used to paint the covers of the books, if desired.

|| Prerequisites: Students should be mostly familiar with plant life cycles.

|| Variations:

  • Books can be about any plant or animal with enough life stages to fill four panels. We have materials for oak tree, apple tree, sunflower, pumpkin, frog, and some others, but we can always branch out to make new books.
  • See Metamorphosis Collage Books for a 1st Grade Example.
  • See Bookmaking for more book ideas.

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