|| Description: Banners can cover a wide range of subjects, from school rules to insects. Take a look through our gallery to see some examples and get ideas.

Students start with a pre-made cloth banner, which is taped to a tarp (usually this project is done on the floor). They write their name at the bottom and draw their image in pencil, the focus here is to make the drawing fill the space in the banner. Then, they outline their drawing in Sharpie and paint. This project helps to reinforce what students have learned on the subject, by having them physically re-create what they have learned.

After the banners have dried, we put them onto dowels and strings so that they can be hung for display!

|| Variations:

|| Prerequisites:

  • Students should be learning about the subject.
  • Students should each have a first-draft of their drawing (what they want to put on the banner). Once they start the banner, there is no going back, and no extra banners to start over! They should have a good idea of what is going on their banner.

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