NH Map Mural


Description: This mural is painted on canvas. For this project, it is best to have a few students step out of class, 2-3 at a time, to do some work on the mural, and then return to class and send 2-3 different students back to work on the mural. Because of this structure, each student gets to work on a ‘stage’ of the mural – i.e. sharpie, painting rivers, painting NH green, painting the background, the compass, or adding details. By the end, the mural is completely painted and each student has worked on some part of the piece.

This project teaches students about teamwork by having each student contribute a “small” piece to the puzzle in order to make this large, complicated mural come together. It also strengthens core understanding of maps, including compasses, symbols, and scale.

* Students should be learning about New Hampshire and have a basic understanding of the rivers, capital, and approximately where their school’s town is located.


  • This doesn’t have to be the end – throughout your curriculum, students can add to the mural (either by paint or by gluing) things that they learn about New Hampshire.
  • A large map on canvas could be adapted to a larger or smaller scale – such as the United States, the school’s town (ex. Antrim, Peterborough, Dublin etc) or the world.

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