Seed Dispersal Mural


-Students will collect, sort, and classify a variety of seeds and explore various seed dispersal adaptations.

-“Develop a simple model that mimics the function of an animal in dispersing seeds or pollinating plants.”

-“Plants depend on animals for pollination or to move their seeds around.”

Description: This mixed-media mural requires each student to create their own piece (some representation of the way a seed travels) to add to the mural. Their piece may consist of an animal, plant, wind or water made of paper, with real seeds (appropriate seeds for their purpose) are stuck or glued on. The items are then placed on the mural to plan where they can go. Once a good plan has been decided, the items are glued down (some pieces may require hot glue). Students then write a short sentence about their chosen seed dispersal method to be glued onto the mural next to their piece.

This project encourages students to think critically about working within the framework of a larger project, including scale (how large their piece is) and whether or not it makes sense with the science behind seed dispersal. The process strengthens fine motor skills and observation.

|| Prerequisites: Students should be learning about seed dispersal methods, and be familiar with several methods, including:

  • Seeds can stick to animals
  • Seeds can float on water
  • Seeds can be blown by the wind
  • Seeds can fall off of trees/flowers
  • Animals eat seeds/Seeds travel by droppings
  • Birds drop seeds
  • People plant seeds.

|| Variations:

  • This project could be adapted for many scientific subjects.
  • This mural could focus on a specific type of seed/seed dispersal method.