Over and Under the Snow Mural

Murals. This fun mural explores what lives up above and down below the snow in the winter. A good project to accompany the book “Over and Under the Snow” by Kate Messner. Students can make trees, ponds, burrows, caves and snowflakes to set the scene, or they can choose to work on an animal, such as a fox, deer, frog, queen bee, bear, chipmunk, rabbit, etc. The entire mural is collage, and can include some 3D elements as well.

This project encourages students to think critically about working within the framework of a larger project, including scale (how large their piece is) and whether or not it makes sense with the science behind winter animal adaptations. The process strengthens fine motor skills and observation.


  • See Murals for more mural ideas.

2 thoughts on “Over and Under the Snow Mural

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