Bird Dioramas


Students create a three-layered paper diorama that showcases a species of native bird and it’s habitat. The background shows the bird’s greater habitat – fields, forests, woodlands, etc. The middle ground houses the bird, which can be flying, perching, sitting in the nest, or in any other realistic position. The foreground is a frame that has some habitat qualities as well as the name of the bird neatly printed along the bottom. When put together, the three layers create an environment with great depth.

Students draw and color all three layers. Adults cut out the insides with an x-acto knife after the picture is finished. This project can take a long time for students to do well, so scheduling extra time afterwards to finish coloring is recommended.

*Students should be learning about birds. For this project, students should already have a basic understanding of their chosen bird’s appearance, habitat, and behavior.


  • This project could be done with any classification of animal.

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