Story Book Illustration

Students learn how to draw the main character in a book in a step by step lesson. After a story book has been chosen, the illustration is created using basic drawing skills, often adding fun details with card stock or paste paper cutouts.  The book Nerdy Birdy by Aaron Reynolds is the star of this…

Art Day

Art all day?  Sure!  Prior to the scheduled day, projects are agreed upon and TONS of supplies are brought to your school to make an exciting day filled with art.  Different projects are set up in each classroom  for groups to rotate in and out of or a large room could have stations for the…

Post Cards

Are you studying NH or learning about Map Making?  In this project, students first worked as a group to design a map of NH on a large canvas adding mountain ranges, lakes, forests, etc. with paints.  Then we gather together again to create post cards pretending to write to someone about their visit to one…



So much fun to play with!
In this particular puppet creation students had been reading different gingerbread man stories and got to work adding buttons, ric-rac, pom-poms, etc. to their pre-sewn hand puppets to design their own gingerbread man to… run, run, as fast as they can!

*Puppets come to class all sewn and ready for the students to add to them for their special play pal to re-enact the story themselves.